Customer Comments

Dear Fred,

As a new Gazer Aids customer I thought you might like to hear a couple of comments. I've now had the opportunity to set up the Bino-Mount a couple of times and I could not be more pleased but first a word about the Road Box. 

I was not especially concerned with having the Road Box but now that I have it you couldn't take it back at any price.This is a fantastic storage / carry box. The great thing is the way you designed it to hold everything in the proper set-up order. No laying parts to the side to reach other pieces for set-up and when I'm through the parts go back in reverse order and there's no guess work. Everything has it's own place.
The Bino-Mount is a work of art. Easy to assemble and operation is smooth as can be and rock steady. Adjustments are a snap and there are no extraneous pivot points to fool with. The construction is heavy duty so I don't have to worry about connections failing or arms bending. The supplied surveyor tripod is great with no wobble or twisting. The assembly takes about two minutes including balancing so what can be better. Wish my scope and GEM were this easy to set up.
Oh! Last but not least is the great price.
Fred, thanks for a great product
Joe Offutt
Garland, Texas

Hi Fred,

The Bino-Mount I purchased from you last year is one of the sturdiest, most practical, and most-used astronomical accessories I have owned. What a bargain! It is perfectly machined and perfectly balanced to hold any binoculars, and sets up in just a couple of minutes. And it is wonderfully steady and easy to use. I can find any object in seconds with the QuikFinder and then observe it in complete comfort. It has completely changed my relationship to my 100mm binoculars! And thanks for your very personal and complete customer service - visiting me on the observing field at the Texas Star Party to offer the latest upgrades (QuikFinder) and tips.

Professor Al Bovik
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Hi Fred,
Just a line to thank you for offering such a great bino mount and travel case. Since buying my rig at Texas Star Party 2006 I've had nothing but fun with my 100 mm binos. Set up is simple and fast, around 5 minutes, and I'm viewing. I'm very impressed with the quality and workmanship of the rig and recommend it highly to anyone looking for an excellent bino mount and case. Keep up the great work.
Calvin Embry
Sugar Land, Tx.
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