What's New Page

First and foremost is getting set up with PayPal to process credit card and PayPal transactions. I am hoping this will entice more people to have confidence in Gazer Aids that we will deliver as advertised, especially now with some higher ticket items. People will also have the added security of third party arbitration if disputes should arise.

Second is the introduction of the Gazer Aids Bino-Mount, after many moons of research and development the design has been refined to accommodate most brands of binoculars. In my opinion this is one of the sturdiest and steadiest mounts available today. It is easy to assemble and breaks down to fit in the trunk of any car.

Third, after years of shipping out goodies to astronomers I have come to the sad realization that all the little things (boxes, packing material, tape etc.) involved with shipping costs were adding up. So I've had to modify my free shipping policy up to $25 with the add on now $2. The exceptions being the Bino-Mounts and Road Boxes which I must charge shipping on and the Ruby Red Colorine which is classified as a hazardous material and must have special packaging.