The All About Page

The Man

My name is Fred, and I am an amateur astronomer.

     I have been addicted to astronomy and sci-fi since I was a small child, joining the Astronomy Club in junior high school, and going to Star Parties since Halley's Comet came around. I have been a member of The Planetary Society since 1993 and also a member of the National Parks Conservation Association. I joined the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas in 1999. I received my Honorary Messier Club Certificate at the May 2000 Texas Star Party.

     If you have been to The Texas Star Party and/or The Okie-Tex Star Party in the last 20 years you may recognize my products or the "Attention Shoppers" posters I put up.


The History

     While at the Star Parties over the years, I realized that there were some things that were not readily available from local optics venders. Foremost among the missing was information on the care and feeding of Newtonian type telescopes. As I learned about collimation, and saw the prices of the alignment tools available I said I can make a sight tube for much less, that is just as accurate, and production commenced.

     Also I saw what was being used by people to red out their flashlights and was aghast at some of what I saw. From my days as a rock and roll roadie I knew where to get stage lighting gel and knew it was ideal for the job.

     As I spent more time observing, much of it running back and forth to the eyepiece case or trying to juggle eyepieces and filters, I decided there had to be a better way. So I raided a plastics plant scrap bin and made a box that I mounted on the side of my Dobsonian telescope. Much better now !!

     Being a guy who smokes, I saw a need for a lighter that did not ruin night vision and was handier than a trip to the truck for it's lighter. A friend said he had seen an electric cigarette lighter in a convenience store some time back, so I asked him to track one down and help me find the source. Several months later he succeeded.



Privacy Issues

Gazer Aids will not compile any customer lists for distribution to any third party.

All information will remain confidential.

No salesman will call, unless it's me to clarify an order.


The Mission

I am starting this company and web site to promote these helpful astronomy products world wide to all amateur astronomers at a fair price.

The goal will be to provide quality craftsmanship in all the products that we manufacture and good value in all the products that we distribute.


My Guarantee

     That you will be completely satisfied or you can return the merchandise for repair, replacement or a refund (excluding shipping and handling) for a period of 90 days from the time of delivery (subject to the usual abuse disclaimer).

  Gazer Aids Bino-Mounts are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Some items have a manufacturers warranties of varying lengths, Gazer Aids will honor those guarantees. Any damage during shipping should be reported as soon as possible to the carrier and taken up with their insurance. Gazer Aids will work with you and the carriers for a speedy resolution to any claims.

     Gazer Aids can not be responsible, or be held liable, for any incidental damages resulting from the use or misuse of any of it's products.