Eyepiece Cases
$ 25.00 and up

I have found that having the eyepieces and filters near at hand while I am out observing, to be a real time and effort saver. So I made a Plexiglas case to mount on the side of my Dobsonian to keep everything handy and out of the elements. And realizing that everyone's needs are different I will custom build your case to meet your specific needs. Let's work out the details with e-mail.

E-mail Fred

Not recommended as a transport case on bumpy roads !!

Things to consider for Case Design

Number and size of your favorite eyepieces and filters (and those of your dreams)

Diameter of your largest eyepiece body

Distance above and below where barrel meets body on your eyepieces

For those of you in dew prone areas consider some extra room in the bottom for a heating element and I will provide vent holes between sections

Where and how to mount the case (for mine I used keyhole slots and screws)

Whether you would prefer wood or Plexiglas