Red Plexiglass for Computer Screens

I am now offering Red Plexiglass as a more durable alternative to the Red Gel as seen on another page.

I will custom fit for any screen size up to 16" wide and 12" tall, I can be accurate to a 32nd of an inch.

Larger sizes can be accomodated by special order.

Also I am offering fleece sleaves for storage of the Plexiglass to prevent scratches when not in use.

Each order comes with large rubber bands to affix the Plexiglass to the screen.

To determine what size you need see the "How to Measure" instructions below.

After you have measured your screen, or if you have any questions, you can email me to work out the details.

Fleece Sleaves

12" x 16" $6.00

10" x 12" $5.00

Red Plexiglass

12" x 16" $18.00

10" x 12" $14.00

How to Measure

Measuring for your Plexiglass is fairly simple, here are the basics:

You want it wider and taller than the actual screen size, but inside any rubber bumpers and latch parts.

In some cases you can let the bottom of the Plexiglass rest on the hinges or the main body of the computer if there are no obstructions to the Plexiglass being flush to the screen's bezel (rubber bumpers or rim jutting out from the screen).

In a lot of cases rounding of the corners at the top to accomodate jutting rims or esthetics is necesary, let me know.

Remember it better to measure twice and cut once, so if you have any questions email me perhaps with a picture and I'll help you work it out.