Introducing the all new Gazer Aids


Quite simply one of the sturdiest, steadiest and easiest to assemble binocular mounts available today anywhere.

Constructed of high quality aluminum and machined to a satin finish, it is designed to provide years of hassle free observing with a wide variety binoculars.


All aluminum, except weight bar and weights.

Steel weight bar is heavy yellow Zinc coated against rust and attaches with a through bolt to eliminate accidental shifting of the bar.

Large Teflon bearings at all pivot points, 5" on rotation axis, 3" on swivel head and 1.5" on swing arms.

Heavy duty surveyor tripod.

Breaks down to fit in any car trunk.

Our unique T mount bracket allows for the balance point of most binoculars to be accommodated and is drilled and tapped to attach an optional QuikFinder. Or, if you have post mount binoculars our stud handle will attach them directly to the swivel head.

Pictures to the left show a T mount and Post mount with optional QuikFinder configurations.

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We also make a Road Box for the Bino-Mounts that is ideal for transporting and storing the entire mount, holds everything except your binoculars.

They are also equipped with sturdy 4" wheels so that you can roll it out to your observing site and set up with minimal hassle.

Bino-Mount for T mount binoculars      $450.00     Plus $50.00 Shipping and Handling
Bino-Mount for Post mount binoculars    $425.00 Plus $50.00 Shipping and Handling

B-M T mount with Road Box       $550.00 Plus $65.00 Shipping and Handling

B-M Post mount with Road Box     $525.00 Plus $65.00 Shipping and Handling

Road Box only                     $125.00 Plus $45.00 Shipping and Handling
QuickFinder Bracket for Post Mount $20.00

QuikFinder   Drilled to fit brackets           $35.95